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Nanocarrier and Herbal Based Transdermal Patch: An Advantage Over Other Drug Delivery Systems

Sudhanshu Mishra, Preeti Verma, Saurabh Kumar Gupta, Sudhi Pandey, Smriti Ojha.

Around 70-90 % of medicines are given orally, and this reduces the value comparatively, whereas, Transdermal drug delivery system (TDDS) is one of the very effective ways of delivering drug to the body by limiting the site for administration and even reducing the number and size of dose given to achieve the result for systemic treatment through local dermal application. Transdermal drug delivery system is one of the innovative drug diffusion system that has gained interest overtime because of its advantages over oral route of administration, such as, non-invasive, high bioavailability, omits the first pass metabolism, has no pain and minimal/less side effects. The present analysis emphases on the herbal approach in TDDS and eliminating the inconvenience caused in oral route of administration such as, unpleasant taste, odour, colour, and side effects like gastritis. The main objective behind of development of an alternate novel dosage form is to reduce the inconvenience/problem caused to the patient and increase the efficacy, success and protection of the drug. This evolution aims at formulating the adhesive patches by integrating herbal sources. The synthetic drugs are developed to treat complicated disease but these medications are themselves related to many side effects, it is where the nature comes in, herbal source on other hand is more effective, safe and easily available. There are different herbal patches available that aids in weight loss, quit smoking, alleviates stress and anxiety, to reduce abdominal cramp, rheumatic pain, to lower blood glucose level as an antidiabetic, etc. Integration of Novel drug delivery systems like TDDS with Indian ayurvedic medicines and pure plant extracts offers significant potential to treat various diseases.

Key words: Transdermal Delivery, Non- Invasive, Reservoir system, Polymer matrix, Herbal Nanocarrier

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