AAM. Year: 2014, Volume: 3, Issue: 1-2


  1. Towards Quantum Biology : The Ayurvedic Perspective
    Prof R.H.Singh
    AAM. 2014; 3(1-2): 2-4
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  2. Ayurveda and Systems Biology
    Bhushan Patwardhan, PhD, FAMS
    AAM. 2014; 3(1-2): 5-7
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  3. Original Article

  4. Comparative Study of the in vitro Antibacterial Activity of Fruit Extracts of Wild (Small) and Banarasi (Big) Varieties of Emblica officinalis Gaertn.
    Lincy Sara Varghese, Merin Ann Ninan, Neena Alex, Swetha Soman, Simi Jacob
    AAM. 2014; 3(1-2): 8-14
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  5. Original Research

  6. Pharmacognostic Evaluation of Stem and Root of Taverniera nummularia Baker
    Shashikant Prajapati1, Brijesh Notani2, Harisha C R3, Bhupesh Patel4
    AAM. 2014; 3(1-2): 15-19
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  7. A Preliminary Pharmacognostical and Pharmaceutical Evaluation of Bala Chaturbhadra Avaleha
    Abhishek J Joshi, Aparna K, Rajagopala S, Kalpana S Patel , Harisha C R, Vinay J Shukla
    AAM. 2014; 3(1-2): 20-28
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  8. Hypothesis

  9. Assessment of Rasa (taste) of Non-classical drugs- A Pharmacodynamic Principle
    Nishteswar Karra
    AAM. 2014; 3(1-2): 29-35
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  10. Review Article

  11. Medicinal Plants for Jaundice and Gall Stone in Folk Practice of Assam
    Gopal C. Nanda
    AAM. 2014; 3(1-2): 36-41
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  12. Methods of Examination and Investigation in Ayurveda : A review in reference to Pramana Vijnana ( Epistemology)
    Sunny Chandrashekhar Patil, Arjunsingh Baghel, Rambabu R Dwivedi
    AAM. 2014; 3(1-2): 42-47
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  13. Philosophical and Applied Vistas of Yoga in Charaka Samhita
    Hetal D Amin, Rohit Sharma, Mahesh K Vyas
    AAM. 2014; 3(1-2): 48-51
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  14. Proposing Ayurvedic Traya Upastambha as an Important Behavioral Health Care Strategy
    Janmejaya Samal
    AAM. 2014; 3(1-2): 52-58
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  15. Brief Report

  16. Two Year Progress Report of Annals of Ayurvedic Medicine
    Sanjeev Rastogi
    AAM. 2014; 3(1-2): 59-60
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  17. Book Review

  18. Contesting Colonial Authorities: Medicine and Indigenous Responses in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century India
    P Chaudhari
    AAM. 2014; 3(1-2): 61-61
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  19. Short Communication

  20. Prevention-Potential in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
    Jaspreet Singh, A.K Pandey and R.H Singh
    AAM. 2014; 3(1-2): 62-63
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  21. Other

  22. How To subscribe the Journal
    AAM. 2014; 3(1-2): 64-64
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