AAM. Year: 2018, Volume: 7, Issue: 1-2


  1. Preventive Oncology and Ayurveda
    Ram Harsh Singh
    AAM. 2018; 7(1-2): 2-3
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  2. Guest Editorial

  3. How can Ayurveda Contribute to Fighting Diabetes Mellitus?
    G G Gangadharan
    AAM. 2018; 7(1-2): 4-8
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  4. The Challenges of a New Path of Research in Ayurveda
    Antonio Morandi
    AAM. 2018; 7(1-2): 9-13
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  5. Opinions

  6. Improving Prognosis in Schizophrenia: Attempting for Holistic Management at Ayurvedic Health Care Setting
    Sanjeev Rastogi
    AAM. 2018; 7(1-2): 14-16
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  7. Original Research

  8. Clinical Assessment of the Impact of Shirodhara with water Treatment in the Management of Primary Headache with associated Anxiety and Depression
    Jitendra Kumar, Girish Singh, Bertrand Martin, Ram Harsh Singh
    AAM. 2018; 7(1-2): 17-26
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  9. Review Article

  10. Fixing Basonym and Synonyms of Guduci (Tinospora cordifolia.(Thnub) Miers.) listed in early literature of Ayurveda - An approach to standardize Ayurvedic drug nomenclature
    Ram Manohar, Aramya AR, Saideepa Nedungadi, Madhumita Mani, Sujithra RM
    AAM. 2018; 7(1-2): 27-40
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  11. Case Report

  12. Management of Traumatic Bilateral Ischio Rectal Abscess (Gudagata Vidradhi) with Incision (Bhedana) and KsharaSutra (Medicated seton) Technique- A Case Report
    Ramesh Shivappa Killedar, Shubham Gupta, Pradeep Shahjirao Shindhe
    AAM. 2018; 7(1-2): 41-44
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  13. Brief Report

  14. Regional Workshop on Case Report Writing for Ayurveda Scholars: A Report
    Yogendra Kumar, Ruby Kumari Singh, Kishor Patwardhan
    AAM. 2018; 7(1-2): 45-47
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  15. Other

  16. 2018 K.R. Narayanan Oration, Australian National University, Thursday 19 April 2018" Dismantling Inequality through ASSURED Innovation"(available on line at http://www.mea.gov.in/Portal/CountryNews/9368_KR_NARAYANAN_ORATION.pdf-)
    R A Mashelkar
    AAM. 2018; 7(1-2): 48-57
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  17. From Journals

  18. From Journals

    AAM. 2018; 7(1-2): 58-60
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  19. Other

  20. How to Subscribe the Journal

    AAM. 2018; 7(1-2): 61-62
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  21. Association of Ayurvedic Physicians of India -Membership Form

    AAM. 2018; 7(1-2): 63-64
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